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You deserve more than struggling day to day for this business you've built up.

Success off Socials

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Are you ready to change the way you see business?

So many rely on social media to have their customers flowing in, but in this course I teach you why you don't need to do that anymore.
You've tried learning the algorithm. You've been posting like crazy, but there are still crickets in your inbox. 
I'm ready to help you change that.

What if I could tell you your business would still thrive without relying on social media?

You're not a newbie to the wedding industry. You're a vet who's put the work in + don't want any more fluff info. You hustle every single day but inquiries/sales are still slow + Unfortunately it's just not cutting it. 

Gone are the days of waiting at your inbox, spending hours of time learning an algorithm that always changes, and missing out on time with your family + your friends.

  • How do I even begin getting inquiries without posting on social media?

  • How would I grow a following OFF social media if I don't have much of one ON social media?

  • Why is my inbox dead?
     I want to double if not triple the amount of inquiries i'm getting...

If you're asking yourself any of these questions below, I can guarantee you're the right person for this course. This is for all wedding vendors, who want more visibility online, to be found by more couples + ultimately be making more money.

You want to be a booked up wedding vendor and have others wonder how you did it.

Here's the deal

Now I work less than 20 hours a week and earn multiple 6-figures per year. 
Soon you're going to be able to do the same.I'm going to make sure of it.


Something had to change or else I knew this business wasn't sustainable too much longer, at the rate I was hustling. 

I thought I was okay with hustling when I was single and living on my own, because frankly I had the time to. I was full time and thought that by hustling hard right now, I will be able to relax in the future + it'll pay off. 
Except that the time to relax never came.. 
I hustled and waited.
Hustled some more + waited again.
It never changed. The inquiries were always dependent on the amount I posted. 

So I changed my marketing methods completely. I discovered the methods that are in this course + the business slowly but surely started to TAKE OFF. 

For years I hustled with heart. I tried the method of always going viral on Instagram + it worked a few times, but never got me the business I knew I deserved.

My True Life Story

Able to take time off when you want to in your business. 

Knowledgeable to implement action into your marketing

Be confident in your marketing strategy and KNOW your inquiries will flow in if you're not always at your computer.

Ready to implement all these actionable steps into your own business.

at the end of the Course you'll be:

The all inclusive course that includes all my marketing methods on how I did it.

And that’s why I’m so excited to let you in on...

The course that changes the way you see marketing

If you're someone that just created your website based on everyone else's pages...i'm going to show you why you're probably not getting the leads you want.

Guide on how to Build the landing page that lands inquiries.

I don't think anyone teaches on network(relationship) marketing anymore. A lot of business is about WHO you know rather than WHAT you know + we're going to go through exactly how to make connections with your dream vendors.

Tips on how to get onto your dream venues preferred vendor list

Pinterest is not just a social media platform. It's a search engine + people are planning their projects + weddings DAILY on there. We need to get in front of their eyes + I'm going to show you how.

Videos about how to use pinterest for your business, how to set up your account + begin scaling on pinterest.

Instead of just explaining that you need to write blogs + create content,  I show you exactly HOW and talk out my exact thoughts with you while in the creation stage.

Behind the scenes video of blog creation to SEO ranked blog

It can be frustrating when courses just tell you to do something, but you don't know how. I go through step by step video tutorials about how to accomplish each task, getting you to the stage of being hands off.

Step by step Video tutorials about How to use these marketing methods in your business. 

This course has SPECIFIC actionable tips for each and every wedding creative + how to begin marketing your business differently (TODAY). 

Specific actionable tips for each wedding vendor category.

If you're tired of spending all your energy learning social media algorithms, competing on facebook posts for wedding gigs, and feeling like it's time wasted when you don't have any inquiries after any of it... 
This one's for you.

Success without socials, the course for all wedding creatives.


$597 one time payment
4 monthly payments of $130

Success off Socials Investment


Success without Socials-YESSSSS, you need this course! Talk about one course that can change your game and bring you clients! It really takes the mystery out of successful marketing to your dream clients without just hoping that the social media algorithms will deliver you leads. This course has already transformed how I look at marketing tools outside of social media and how I use them in my business to reach my ideal client and I’m so pumped to be reaching the audience I desire!  I can’t recommend this course enough as it gives you tangible tools and step by step instructions on how to implement and start leveling up your marketing game ASAP! 

I'm so pumped to be reaching the audience I desire!  I can't recommend this course enough!

NIcole aston photo

The Success Without Socials marketing course by Lexi is exactly what every entrepreneur needs right now.  Lexi's course delivers more controlled and sure-fire ways to reach your clients and help you book out your season. The information she shares takes the guesswork out of this style of marketing, and shares not only the why behind it, but the how. She helps dispel the fears and reservations selling without social media and gives you direct methods to apply this information so you're not stuck doing trial and error. I've been in the industry for 12 years and the content Lexi teaches in her course, some of which was entirely new to me, is amazing and I already know it will elevate my business! 

I've been in the industry for 12 years and the content Lexi teaches in her course, some of which was entirely new to me, is amazing and I already know it will elevate my business!

Hayley Fitch- @HFITCH photography

Lexi truly poured her heart and soul into this detailed course.  Lately I’ve felt stuck with having Instagram be my only way of marketing myself. We all know how frustrating the algorithm has been. Now Ive learned that there ARE other ways I can reach my clients and provide them an even better experience than I have been! I truly thought that Instagram was always going to be my only platform. I can’t believe there’s so many different ways that I can market myself! Thank you, Lexi, for opening up my eyes to a whole new booking experience! 

"Now i've learned that there ARE ways I can reach my clients"

Yep! These are all tried and true marketing methods for all wedding industry vendors. All marketing tips apply to each business. There may just be more examples for certain vendor types, but they are easily understood for each vendor category.  

I'm not a photographer.. is the course still good for me?

Nothing! Everything is online and self paced. Just bring yourself and a notebook/pen and get ready to put these steps into action throughout the course. 


This course is for you if you've spent hours trying to understand the algorithm, if you've stared at your inbox at any point in time after posting on social media + Waiting for your inquiries to come in, or if you're frankly just ready to level up your biz.

who is this course best for?



If I weren't confident in these marketing methods, I wouldn't be wasting your time, energy or money on this. But for 1-2 of your bookings to be able to pay this entire course off + change your business forever.. why wouldn't you invest?

I am confident this will be a pivotal point for your business and wouldn't ask you to spend a dime if I didn't believe in it.

I'm not just spewing bs here




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You felt like your messages were actually reaching your ideal customers. 
You'd be ready to take a leap of faith and get that messaging in front of them. You'd want them to see these messages all the time, reminding them to inquire with you + why you're the best option for their wedding.

You finally had clarity in your business and could take the laptop free vacation you need. 
Could you imagine setting that email-away message and then coming back from a much needed vacation to an inbox full of inquiries? I can. 

What would your life look like if...

Let's be real for a minute, can we?

I hope you take advantage of it. XO, 

It was a little bit of a lightbulb moment when I realized I didn't need to always be selling on social media. I felt more relaxed, at ease and able to be more creative in my business again. 

Then I began FOCUSING on how I could be sharing this knowledge with others, to help them create the exact same type of success in their business. And it's finally here + READY for you to dive in.

I firmly believe that every single person that invests in this course will have more success and freedom in their business.

Lexi Foster here! 
I can show you proof that this is working for my business.

Hi Friend!

You get ALL of that for the investment that it would take you to only be working with 1-2 clients in your current business.

Email marketing videos on how to market + close deals with your ideal audience.

Behind the scenes video of blog creation and how to create content that is being clicked on.

Relationship marketing tips + how to land on those preferred vendor lists you've been dreaming of.

Video tutorials on building pinterest pins, creating a business profile and batching your content.

Nailing your landing page copy + the must haves on your landing page in order to reel in your ideal client.

To summarize this remarkable offer, you will receive:

Let's Recap

Say hello to your bright new plan.

Say goodbye to an unknown future with so many worries about money.

What would you do with a 20 hour work week, more vacation time, less screen time and more time with your loved ones?

How will your life change when you invest in yourself?